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 1- Planting more than one million pastoral shrubs in the Badia (3 October, 2017)

Alrai newspaper, Petra News Agency

2- Operation of 16 wells to serve livestock owners in the Badia (23 September, 2017)

Alrai newspaperAmmon News 

3- In a Press Statement, Minister of Environment says that 79 ponds and dams with a storage capacity of 6.4 million cubic meters were constructed by BRP. (Date: 17  September, 2017)

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BRP in the Media (Summary,, translated from Arabic)

1- In a press Statement, Minsiter of Environment (Yasin Al-Khayyat) said that The Ministry of Environment, represented by the Environmental Compensation Program, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension, has succeeded in implementing water harvesting techniques in 43 locations, with an area of ​​about 36 thousand dunums in the Badia. Up to date, an area of ​​24.2 thousand dunums was cultivated with about 1.16 milion forage shrubs under water harvesting techniques. Rangeland or pastoral reserves area also in the process of establishment in consultation with local communities.

2- The BRP rehabilitated 16 wells, in coopeeration with Water Authority, to provide water for livestock owners and communities in the northern, middle and southern Badia. Prior to BRP-CAP implementation, water quality in these wells was marginal with high levels of salinity and pollutants. Rehabilitation included drilling of some wells, Installing RO units for improving water quality, providing water conveyance networks and units of solar power. In total, the reahbiliated wells are serving more than 140 thousand people of the Badia.

3- The Minister of Environment (Dr. Yassin Al-Khayyat) said that animal breeders in Badia suffer from scarcity of water for their livestock herds. Subsequently, they travel for long distances in search of water source, which entails a great effort and increases the cost of animal production. This has motivated the Ministry of Environment, through BRP, to  construct 79 ponds and two dams with total capacity of 6.4 million cubic meters of rainwater. The constructed macro waterh harvesting are well distributed in the Jordanian Badia.


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